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A Lavishly Illustrated Limited Edition Book on the World's Oldest Polo Club...

The 150th Year History of Polo in Calcutta is a fascinating journey through the British Raj when the game played by Manipuris in Eastern India inspired british soldiers to start a club in 1862 with its own set of rules.

Themes and Topics Covered

The Book running into nearly 155 pages contains exclusive photos of the players, the matches, the crowds, the celebrities and above all the horses which made high quality polo possible, year after year. Memorable Polo matches down the years from 1862 till date 150th year timeline of Polo in Calcutta amusing and revealing anecdotes about indian princes, the army and influential ladies who came watch polo pen- sketches of great players from India & abroad.

An extract from the book

In early twentieth century, Calcutta, in the early morning according to one account " was just teeming with horse flesh. All the main princely houses - Kashmir, Jaipur, Bhopal wouold have their strings of polo ponies and they would be ridden round, each one with his sync on, each one with distinctive puggagree of the the prince concerned. People would be doing stick and ball in the middle of the race course and horses would be having practice gallops.


Chapter 1 - Polo Discovers Calcutta - Page 4 | Chapter 2 - Polo's Purple Patch - Page 25 | Chapter 3 - Polo & Post-War Revival - Page 59 | Chapter 4 - Polo Reminiscences - Page 111 | Chapter 5 - Club Today and Tomorrow - Page 148

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