Keshav Bangur, President

Calcutta Polo Club

The Calcutta Polo Club has so much to share with today’s generation about this ‘Sport of Kings’ and its glorious tradition of riding skills, camaraderie and character building. Polo teaches us all that and much more. Besides being a healthy exercise, polo instils in players the habit of playing and performing selflessly and acquiring skills of quick decision-making that are universal attributes of great leaders.

Our Vision

Is to keep the heritage of CPC alive and encourage youngsters to take up polo and make it their hobby or career. We look at supporting all polo enthusiasts by subsidizing the sport and making it easily accessible and affordable.

Our Facilities- ‘One Stop Polo Shop’

All riding gears and polo equipment’s available at the club shop.

Riding And Polo Coaching Clinics

We follow international standards for training our members & students who wish to learn horse riding & then advance to polo. We are the only club in Eastern India to provide professional training of polo to all enthusiasts & amateurs.

Professional Playing Services

Get the opportunity of playing polo chukka’s on lush green fields.

Arena Polo

The Polo Club conducts Arena Polo weekend matches for amateurs. This is to inculcate basic knowhow of polo and competetiveness amongst the youngstars.


Lease and sell well trained polo ponies. Club’s present string of polo-trained horses can mount two teams. All horses are trained and groomed round the year. Members can keep their own horse(s) at the club stables.Members can book any particular horse of their choice for their dedicated use, throughout the month/year. All Facilities – As per club rules.

Wooden Horse

It’s hitting polo balls with polo stick (mallet) sitting on top of a static wooden horse, with variations in speed, angles and sides. It boosts confidence and fosters game tactics for playing better polo.

“A MUST – DO” for every player, for better performance.

It’s a 20-minute practice session.

Polo Hut

Situated in the center of race course, gives beautiful ground level view of the lush green polo field, in a cool environment with light refreshments. And the historical Victoria Memorial backdrop coupled with a pleasant view of Vidyasagar Setu to greet you … Happy Poloing.

History Gallery & Lounge

This gallery is to give you a tour through the rich heritage of the Calcutta Polo Club, Starting from the first few rule books and ammended versions to the first ever instituted polo trophy in the world.

A cup of coffee and a place to sit and chat over the g’OLDEN’ days – its has it all !!

150th Year Celebration

The BFL Ezra World Cup 2011 (Dec 18- Dec 25) was conducted at Pat Williamson Ground with three international teams- Italy ( Rome), United States of America ( Carnoustie ) and Indonesia (Nusantara ) and two Indian teams- Calcutta Polo Club and APRC.

The tournament saw the presence of important personalities like Mr Eduardo Huergo, President, Federation of International Polo; Nicholas Colquhuon Denvers- Chairman, Hurlinghum Polo Association; General V. K. Singh, Chief of Army Staff & President- Indian Polo Association; Mr. Dinesh Trivedi, Hon. Railway minister;international players like George Meyrick, Gabriel Nicolas Curto, Carlos Gracida, Goffredo C Rendina; royal dignitaries like HH Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Jodhpur, Maharaj Narendra Singh, Maharaj Jai Singh to name a few.

An eventful week packed with thrilling matches in the day and fun filled after parties in the evenings.

Next Season

The summer sun is shining through, following the winter, the horses are at work and we look forward with great optimism to the season ahead.